As a consultancy, our main task is to constantly leverage our knowledge and expertise to motivate companies and suppliers to act sustainably. We aim to demonstrate the importance of running a responsible business and actively engage in the dialogue about sustainable transformation.

Here you will find the articles, guides, media, etc., that we have written, co-authored, or contributed to over time. Happy reading.

Webinar: When sustainability becomes a legal requirement

By ChangeGroup i samarbejde med Imprint Consulting | 03.11.2023

We've had the pleasure of being guest speakers in a webinar series hosted by ChangeGroup, focusing on sustainable transformation. In this webinar, our Sustainability Advisor, Silke, discusses the legislation that companies can expect in terms of sustainability and ESG, and what it will require from them.

Webinar: From global goals to company goals

By ChangeGroup i samarbejde med Imprint Consulting | 05.10.2023

We've had the pleasure of being guests in a webinar series hosted by ChangeGroup, focusing on sustainable transition. In this webinar, our CSR Specialist and Sustainable Development Goals Ambassador, Camilla Egeberg, discusses the Sustainable Development Goals and how they can be activated in a value-creating and meaningful way within companies.

Successful project strengthens fashion companies' due diligence work

By DM&T, Simon Hansen | 27.01.2022

Two fashion companies went through a practical due diligence process last fall, which has significantly advanced their work. Participants praise the program for being tangible and enabling implementation in their daily operations. Now, more fashion companies are encouraged to participate, and right now they can achieve...

OECD due diligence for SMV's

By Signe Mørk Sørensen, Impact CSR og Silke Sønderstrup-Granquist, Imprint Consulting  | 18.01.2022

All companies, regardless of size, are expected to act responsibly in the way they conduct their business - and expectations and requirements will only increase in the coming years. Within the company, one can develop their own way of doing it - or choose to commit to due diligence...

Julie Blichfeld tries to be sustainable in the fashion industry, which is the opposite. Now EU law must revolutionize the industry

By Mie Obbekær, danwatch  | 06.10.2021

With its enormous resource consumption and poor working conditions, the fashion industry is far from sustainable. A number of new producers are trying to change that, but it is almost impossible to achieve complete success. A new EU law for responsible business aims to change that.

GUIDE: Supplier dialogue - a path towards global goals

By Etisk Handel Danmark  |  17.08.2021

In this guide, you can find guidance and inspiration on how small businesses in the fashion and textile industry can use supplier dialogue in their work with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Biodiversity in the textile industry - "We don't need to exploit nature to make money."

By Imprint Consulting | 17.06.2021

Sreeranga Rajan has witnessed how cotton production in India over 30 years has transitioned from cultivation methods with high biodiversity to monocropping based on GMOs and pesticides. This has degraded both nature and the livelihoods of farmers. Now he is working with Sourcing House.

The straight path to a circular economi

By Imprint Consulting | 10.03.2021

"It's far less complicated than many imagine," says Sourcing House, which has integrated specific circular initiatives into their comprehensive work on responsible clothing production. The path involves concrete actions that everyone can embark on.

What you need to know before you start using GOTS in you marketing

By Imprint Consulting & Tanja Gotthardsen | 01.03.2021

Unfortunately, it often happens that companies, despite good intentions, are not entirely up to date on how their products must (and should) be marketed. Together with Tanja Gotthardsen, we have developed this GOTS mini guide.

Bedre mode: A podcast about wardrobe joy, fashion thoughts, and the fashion industry's green transformation.

By Johanne Stenstrup | 09.12.2020

Sourcing House sponsors three of Johannes' episodes in her podcast, where she sheds light on topics like "Should you own your clothes?" and "Spotting sustainable clothing". Listen here.

"You also need to look at yourself."

By Imprint Consulting | 15.05.2020

When you make a living from producing and handling production within the fashion and textile industry, you face the dilemmas of decent jobs all the time. At Imprint Consulting, the responsibility always starts with themselves.

The fashion industry's green transition is wrapped in recycled plastic - but is it really sustainable?

By Silke Sønderstrup-Granquist og Johanne Stenstrup  | 15.02.2020

Last week, Copenhagen Fashion Week took place once again, and two things are certain: The focus on sustainability is huge again - and at least half of the 'more sustainable' styles are made from recycled materials.

Your own purchasing practices are crucial for accountability in the supply chain.

By Imprint Consulting | 15.01.2020

A responsible supply chain is not just about suppliers, but equally about those placing the orders. Their role is to maintain control over their own practices, which according to Imprint Consulting requires both courage and clear leadership.

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